Explore the future of shoe stores through the lens of intelligent environments. Incorporate technologies into the shoe store in a way that supports rather than replaces salespeople.


Give salespeople insight into customers' purchase history and replace manual tasks with automation. A tablet dashboard for salespeople, interactive shoe displays, automated shoe retrieval, and an intelligent treadmill.

project stats

focus: Little's Shoe Store
duration: 5 weeks
role: I conducted observation and behavioral mapping in the field. I created service concepts through storyboarding for speed dating. I planned and took the photos for the video, created the UIs, and edited the video. I created the imagery for the photomontage and made it interactive.
teammates: Stefan Dasbach, Brian Liu Xu, Maggie Yu
research methods: observation, behavioral mapping, literature review, competitive analysis, speed dating (needs validation)
deliverables: slide deck, visioning video, photomontage of proposed environment, service blueprint


We started by sitting in the shoe store and observing how customers and salespeople spent their time. We recorded notes and made a behavioral map.

behavioral map showing frequent locations and common paths taken by customers and salespeople

From there, we did secondary research and a competitive analysis. That led us to a "rose, bud, thorn" exercise to determine what was working well about the service, what could be improved, and the biggest pain points.


final design

The video above demonstrates a customer's experience of the reimagined shoe store. The service blueprint below shows how the customer, salesperson, and technical system interact to create the service experience.
service blueprint (click to enlarge)

service blueprint (click to enlarge)

The following photomontage gives an overall view of the experience through its different stages. Visit the interactive version to view descriptions of each step.
photomontage (click for  interactive version )

photomontage (click for interactive version)

The following are examples of the digital touchpoints customers and salespeople would interact with. View the video above to see them in context.


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