After the election, my friend and I observed the echo chamber that we found ourselves in when it came to exposing ourselves to differing ideologies on social media. We developed a prototype virtual environment for meeting people with different ideological views as an opportunity to meet someone you normally wouldn't connect with and see what's in their news feed.

You begin in a bubble of content pulled from your own Facebook feed. From there, you can meet other people in the virtual space and compare your bubble with their bubble, which is pulled from their news feed. You can ask them questions, speak about specific articles or content present, and build an understanding of how their political views came to exist.

project stats

duration: 4 weeks
technologies: virtual reality (Google Cardboard), Unity (C#)
role: Emily and I brainstormed and developed the concept. I built the 3D assets in Unity and developed the game logic and animation in C#. Emily created the photogrammetry busts and sourced content from our friends and pro-Trump Facebook Groups I joined for research.
partner: Emily Saltz